RichOrganix™ Natural Slim

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Richorganix™ Natural Slim has been formulated by combining 44 herbs which all aim to help get rid of your excess weight. It contains 5 different appetite suppressants, 16 herbs to help reduce water retention and 8 herbs for cleansing the system. You will find your energy levels increased, digestion improves, metabolism increased, fat dissolved, immune system bolstered, nutrition absorption enhanced and overall health improved.

Richorganix™ Natural Slim will also regulate your hormone balance, improve your thyroid function and act as a gentle laxative. It will also help lower your cholesterol levels. The kidneys will strengthen. Anti-aging herbs will help delay hair greying, bolster your energy levels, stamina, sexual enhancer and can improve your fertility. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herbs, which will help reduce stretch marks and tissue swelling. Your heart will strengthen, regulate blood pressure and it will increase resistance against osteoporosis.

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The results have been fantastic with men and women losing over 10kg during the first 2 months. Richorganix™ Natural Slim has also helped people sleep better, made their skin feeling wonderful and can be used as health drops

The Benefits
Appetite suppressant (5 different appetite reducing herbs)
Excellent Diuretic
Dissolves fat within the liver
Improves metabolism of fat
Gentle laxative
Boosts energy levels
Improves digestion
Boosts metabolic rate
Purify & detox bloodstream
Regulate hormone balance
Immune builder
Improves Skin condition
Rich in nutrients
Diabetic friendly

DOSAGE (50ml / 1.7fl oz Ambre bottle)
10 drops to be taken 3 to 5 times daily, 20 minutes before meals, or when feeling hungry. Ensure you drink at least 6 glasses of water daily. 
May be taken with fruit juice, herbal tea or water. Richorganix™ Natural Slim is also available in convenient 50ml spray

Formulated by a qualified registered herbalist.

Consult your physician if pregnant, lactating or being treated for any chronic illness. For best results Richorganix™ Natural Slim has to be taken in conjunction with a low kilo joule diet.

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RichOrganix™ Natural Slim

RichOrganix™ Natural Slim

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